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Smooth and aged
to perfection.

Made in Texas hill country.

In order to truly embrace the spirit of Texas in our Texas spirits, we produce Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Whiskey®, a blend of aged bourbons, corn-based spirits and limestone-filtered water from the Edwards Aquifer.

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Raising the Bar

The Rebecca Creek Distillery was founded in October of 2009 by Steve Ison.

His vision and passion for high quality spirits led to building our distillery using a blend of old and new technology to produce some of the highest quality distilled spirits available in the ultra-premium category.

Rebecca Creek Distillery has become one of the largest artisan spirits producers in the region with our vodkas and whiskey available in 17 states and servicing many others with more on the way soon.

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Distilling Process

Step 1

Using only the best ingredients, our still masters saturate the finest grains with hot water.

Step 2

We cool the grains down to 75-80 degrees for fermentation.

Step 3

We transfer the mash into our custom-built, 1000-gallon Christian Carl copper pot still for distillation.

Step 4

We cool the distillate to 28 degrees to prepare for the frost filtration process.

Step 5

We remove fats and impurities through natural fiber pads, letting through pure whiskey.

Step 6

We pour the whiskey into American Oak #4 Char barrels to age for five to seven years.

Step 7

After the whiskey is ready to be cut to bottle proof using purified limestone-filtered water from the famous Texas Aquifers.

Whiskey Cucumber Fizz  

Rebecca’s Maple Leaf  

Rebecca’s Whiskey Lemonade  

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Rebecca Creek Distillery
26605 Bulverde Rd
San Antonio, TX 78260

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(830) 714-4581

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